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"¿Le has sonreído a un fantasma?"

"¿Le has sonreído a un fantasma?" translates to "Have you smiled to a ghost?".

It tells the story of a medieval bee keeper that starts thinking what would happen if she smiles to the ghost she sees everyday in the field.

This was submitted to a TikTok Film Contest. TikTok is a social network for sharing user-generated videos and it submitted a contest with Cinépolis México for their users to make a minute short film in different categories.

With more than 20,000 films submitted, Casa Cocuyo's shortfilm won the 1rst place in the category of Fiction.
It all started with the idea of what would happen if you smile to a ghost. What if it is trapped in our plane because it lived a terrible event and it only needs some empathy from us.
Once we had the concept, we started to make concept art and explore all the designs we wanted to add to the shortfilm. We wrote a monologue for the main character and then started exploring the character design for the girl and the ghost.
Once we had the characters and the story, we only needed to make the setting for the story. The cabin, the woods and the field. The art direction of the shortfilm is to be in black and white.

Thanks for reading! In case you want to check the film here is the link:
"¿Le has sonreído a un fantasma?"

"¿Le has sonreído a un fantasma?"