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Meeters - Branding

2020  ·  Brand Identity / Graphic Design / Icon Design

The Project
Meeters organizes and manages local group meetings: it promotes social aggregation through the exploration of Italy. It puts in touch those who love to discover the beauties of the Italian territory by organizing activities to live together. A Meeter will meet other people who want to try new experiences, in company and with a smile.

For this project we have carried out an overall rebranding, working on a soft restyling of the logo. We have built a new communication language based on a new visual and sound design that works synergistically together.​​​​​​​ We have also designed an icon set that represent the difference between all the Meeters' experience.​​​​​​​

Every parts of this new language meets the main values of the brand:
aggregation, discovery and territory.

Creative Direction: Maurizio Cascio
Art Direction: Raffaele Sabella
Visual Design: Marco Calignano, Angela Arillo
UI Design: Angela Arillo, Marco Calignano, Mario Biancolella
Sound Design: Danilo Turco

Meeters - Branding

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Meeters - Branding