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    WUN is biodegradable wooden cutlery from Canada. But the brand we created positioned the product as exotic, European, and striking at shelf.
Wooden cutlery meets Italian design.
Three guys scrunch waste wood in a waffle iron, and create 100% biodegradable cutlery.

So begins the brand story we crafted for WUN, a brand we imagined from the ground up.

WUN is a remarkable, beautiful product, and it demanded a singular brand. In our initial brainstorm sessions, we came upon the idea of positioning the product as if it were an import from Europe. The packaging design would feel like it was Italian, the name would sound foreign, and the brand story (folded as a scroll inside each package) would be written in French, German, Spanish and English.

This positioning had a business side, too. Our goal was to get prime exposure at Whole Foods - a job that would be made easier if the brand looked appealing and exotic.

The four box packaging was devised with both an environmental, and aesthetic benefit. Clearly, putting all the boxes together to spell the name made the packaging more interactive. But in addition, the packages were designed for minimal waste - one held just forks, one just knives, one spoons, and one a variety. Based on usage information, we understood that forks were highly used - by boxing them individually, we could avoid picknickers throwing away unused knives or spoons.

WUN won a number of awards, being profiled at the New York Art Directors Show and CA. It has also been featured hardcover design books.