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    In response to the looming healthcare crisis, the BC Government launched an ambitious innovation program. Key to success, though, was getting res… Read More
    In response to the looming healthcare crisis, the BC Government launched an ambitious innovation program. Key to success, though, was getting residents of BC involved and motivated. Creating the communications strategy and spearheading the creative output was my job. Attached are just a few of the pieces from the massive program. Read Less
ThinkHealth BC
Engaging British Columbians in the future of healthcare
Healthcare is in crisis. An aging boomer generation, increasingly unhealthy youth, and tapped out taxpayers are pushing the system to the brink. The only solution is a radical change in the way we interact with healthcare, and a fundamental rethink of the system itself.

To effect that change, BC launched a massive healthcare innovation program. Big improvements were implemented in preventative care, hospitals, community care and support systems. To make the innovations work, though, our population needed to understand what was happening - and what role they personally played in this massive shift.

The BC Health Ministry called me to help create the communications strategy and spearhead the creative output.

I began by bringing together the Ministry Health team for a series of brainstorms. Not only did this yield incredible ideas, but it built a collaborative spirit.

After reviewing several options, we landed on the idea of bringing the incredibly complex world of healthcare to life for average people. Only by understanding the system could people understand the necessity of getting involved.

Our chosen medium was film. We crafted 9 films on subjects as diverse as the Story Of Healthcare to Innovation In The Emergency Room.

These films were then incorporated into a site that featured everything from stakeholder videos to chat rooms where BC residents could voice their questions, concerns and ideas.

Significantly, the site also included a feature that is virtually unheard of in government sites: a real time online answer line. Not only was this a major leap toward connecting government with BC residents; it was also a rich source of learning and ideas for future innovation.

As Graham Whitmarsh, former Deputy Minister of Health said, "This was possibly the most ambitious proactive program we created. And, I’m happy to say, it was one of the most creative pieces of work I ever saw come out of government. This was due in no small part to the consensus building and inclusive brainstorming Marc started the process with. At every stage, all the stakeholders felt they had a stake in the game. There was no ‘us and them’ relationship typical of agencies."

Below are a few samples of our films - the animated introduction to the campaign, two light-hearted films from the animated series, and two moving stakeholder videos. Also attached are selected screen grabs from the website and discussion forum. 
Our launch video, describing the history of healthcare. A formidable task, done in a lighthearted way!
A video describing the key role family doctors will play in the future of healthcare. 
This video showcases community health services, and how they'll ease the burden put on hospitals.

Randy talks about how BC's healthcare innovators are actually listening to stakeholders, and building better solutions because of their inclusive process. 
Dr. Cavers describes the dramatic shifts he's seen in medicine, and the promise of things to come. 
A screen from the ThinkHealth BC website, showcasing videos, a discussion forum, and an infographic on the elements of innovative healthcare. 
Another screen from the website, highlighting some of the testimonial and animated videos we shot. 
A screen showcasing the trending conversations on healthcare that were moderated by our team.