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    student work. motel for truckdrivers - identity
Motel for truck drivers. Identity
What do truck drivers appreciate the most about the place where they can stay for a rest? It should definitely have homelike atmosphere and fairy-tale-ish comfort.
Thinking of the most usual visual environment for a driver I came to the image of a road. Road’s lasting and narrative nature gives the idea of random meetings on the endless way. A road is a common element of the Russian folklore and fairy tales, which are so familiar and home for its every countryman.
The color spectrum has been chosen according to the analysis of the actual competitors' logos: most of them are yellow and red (bright colors that can be easily noticed on the road). The majority of the existing logos also enjoy using the Old Russian typefaces – that only proves the idea that the Russian folklore meets general aesthetic expectations of this target audience. And naive pictures of folk woodcuts (lubok) are also a proper basis for the motel identity.
Key image: an endless road
The logo design is based on a road sign that literally means "a place for rest".
The name of the hotel (Postoy) has the same meaning. But at the same time “Postoy” is an imperative of the verb
that means “Stay!”
Typeface imitates lubok handwriting
Billboard is the main tool of communication with drivers. That’s why billboards should be very talkative and interactive. Standing in a row along the road they lead a dialog with a driver as he passes them by*.
This sign stands on the turn to the hotel. It’s a huge installation that sets up expectations of guests for something fabulous and fairy.
Navigation signs are fragments of the road picture.
T-shirts* and other souveniers

Periodical magazine
Traveling and driving – is a certain lifestyle. The magazine shows how to spend quality time on the journey.

Truck drivers spend a lot of time far from home, so far they became well known as perceptive judges of women’s beauty. At the same time they are very superstitious and decorate their truck cabins with different amulets and trinkets.
Sirin is a Slavic mythological creature with the head and chest of a beautiful woman and the body of a bird. According to myth they sign songs of happiness.
                 Special thanks to Maxim Lukyanov for animation!
                 Special thanks to www.Fotolia.ru for the images marked with a * sign