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    Задание: создать книгу про себя, как дизайнера, следуя канонам темпоритмического повествования.
Welcome or no Trespassing
My parents are engineers
Dad: engineer - 100%
Mom: engineer - 100%
And I am...
...definitely not an engineer
Me: engineer - 0%
Everyone considers me a designer
Me*: designer - 100%
*expert estimation
Everyone does, but the designer community
Me*: designer - 0%
*professional community estimation
That's why I decided to enter the British Higher School of Art and Design
Me: designer - 1%
But sometimes if you want to achieve some striking results...
Me: designer - 30 %
My teacher: designer - 100%
...you have to take drastic measures...
Me: designer - 30%
My teacher: designer - 100 %
Me: designer - 99%
My teacher: designer - 100 %
No designers were harmed in the making of this book. All characters in this publication are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental.
Visual Communications 2012-2014 course of the British Higher School of Art and Design
curators: Leonid Slavin and Natalia Kuzmina