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Ivy at Noho | Real Estate Promotion
Ivy at Noho - Real Estate Promotion  
Services: Concept Development/ Strategy/ Production
Client Name: EQOP Housing Group
Product Type: Ad Campaign/ Video Production/ Architectural Photography
The Ivy @ North Hollywood brings a new level of style to the NoHo Arts District by combining hip elements of design with luxury style apartment building. As a result Zurna Creative was hired to highlight the unique designer colors and distinct look of this vibrant luxury buildings into focus through creative imagery on their website. 
Within a week Zurna Creative team of photographers and production crew prepared and shot selected units of one and two bedroom suits, a studio and common areas. The video team captured all the visual aesthetics of the carefully designed common area spaces of this apartment building which you can view in a short promotional video here.  
In addition to representing each space in its actual details, the photography aimed to accentuate the reach colors of blue and brown through a series of professionally taken and edited photos, some of which are seen in this page. The creative decision was made to put on display the harmonious tones that were evenly distributed across different aspects of the interior design and to eventually match those with the design of the website layouts. The page designers were able to incorporate patterns and textures that were shot with macro lenses as stylistic elements next to wide angle coverage of each space. 
This portfolio clearly shows the significance of collaborative work between the video team and photographers as time limitations had enforced a tight schedule allowing two teams to work and shoot at the same time.   

Research and Pre Production: 
Visiting location
Researching marketing headlines, 
Brainstorming Verbal identity and narration, 
Equipment and crew bookings, 
Scheduling and planning the shoot

Shooting on location

Post Production:
Finalizing verbal identity, 
Copy-writing and narration, 
Voiceover recording, 
Sound Design,
VFX Design,
Video editing
Content delivery  
Ivy at Noho | Real Estate Promotion

Ivy at Noho | Real Estate Promotion

Corporate promotional video for Luxury Building housing