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Commercial Portraits | Personal Branding

Business Portraits  - First step in establishing a Visual Identity  
Services: Character Development/ Look and Personality enrichment/ Photography/ Post
Client Name: Miscellaneous
Product Output: Print/Web/Social Media

How are Business Portraits different from Headshots? 

A headshot is a chest up, tightly cropped image of you with a standard backdrop. Simple, direct, and predictable stylization, usually shot at the studio. A business portrait, on the other hand, includes more of the body, an expression/portrayal of the individual’s personality within their environment, and allows for more artistic license from the photographer in general. These photo shoots are customized for each individual and can be shot at various locations with creative lighting. 
Zurna Creative’s connection to Photography can mostly be attributed to our affiliation with our sister company Ani Studio. However in the day and age of individualism where every single person could also represent a brand it’s those quality portraits that make all the difference in promotional content. 
In addition being the so called Branding specialists and having quite a few visual identity tricks under our belts makes us the reasonable Business Portrait photographers in town. This of course doesn’t mean that those of you with less corporate lifestyle shouldn’t consider our services!
Whether you’re a creative talent or artist, a self employed agent, an aspiring athlete, an established physician or anything else whose face can have an impact on your marketing strategy you still need a professionally taken portrait to represent yourself in a positive light. It is also essential to have good photography for building and representing your personal brand within the context of web and social media. One thing that is clearly being blogged about these days is what a turnoff stuffy profile photos and headshots can be. In the arena of online social networking, an unprofessional profile image can arguably be detrimental to your personal branding. 
Here are all the stages of Business Portraits/ Creative Head-shots once you contact us. 

Discussing Basics
Information about the field of expertise. 
Discussing image usage platforms and layouts
Sharing visual inspirations 
Developing a visual style 

Discussing settings, attire, props, hair and makeup, style and visual language 
Scheduling the shoot 

Shooting on location 

Touch Ups, coloring, backups, 
Digital delivery
Print delivery
Commercial Portraits | Personal Branding

Commercial Portraits | Personal Branding

Business portraits and commercial head-shots are the first step in establishing a visual identity.