The pieces on the this project are life drawings created whilst on a Life Drawing course and look at artworks inspired by the great figure artists over the years including "Gustav Klimt," "Quentin Blake," 
"Tracy Levesque" and more and also look at the use of colour, shape, line and mood in portraiture and figure drawing.
I very much enjoy life drawing and the idea of capturing that one moment/expression/stance that the model is showing in image form and throughout the production of this series of work, I was very keen on the concept of despite the model not being the slim figure, to still create a sense of a natural beauty in her, as she was a nice person with a lovely personality and so this for me exceeded all the ideas of "drawing it how you see it," I did do that, but with a way that lets her personality and character show through.
I also didnt want to lose myself when looking at the famous artists and trying to replicate their work, so on all of these pieces, there is a part of me and my approach to their styles, particularly in the first three, as this is very much my approach for when I draw.
Gustav Klimt Responses (5 mins)
Gustav Klimt Drawing (3 mins)
Quentin Blake Piece and Other Illustrations
Manic Expression Drawing
Solid colour and Shape
With the piece below, the main aspect for me on this was to make it so that it is not obvious to distinguish where the model ends and the seat she is sat on begins and is the main reason as well as the aesthetic aspect to it that I like. 
Egon Schiele Responses
Egon Shiele Piece 2- Watercolour/Ink
Colour Study
Tracy Levesque Piece
Mood, Emotion and Atmosphere Works