Assistant Director of Communications, Graphic Designer
University of Illinois Cancer Center
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Hi, I've been a graphic designer since 2002 with experience in communications & print production. Lately, I have been focusing on digital media, online marketing, and CMS. I have a strong background in health care design and am currently employed by the University of Illinois Cancer Center.
  • Assistant Director of Communications, Graphic Designer
    University Of Illinois Cancer Center — Chicago, IL, USA
  • Graphic Designer
    Huntsman Cancer Institute — UT, USA
  • Freelance Designer, Owner
    Courtney Colvin Graphic Design — UT, USA
  • Marketing Coordinator, Graphic Designer
    Keller Williams Park City — Park City, UT, USA
  • Art Director & Production Manager
    Mountain Land Rehabilitation — UT, USA
  • Graphic Designer
    Waves Of Mu — UT, USA
  • Small Format Print Manager
    SBR Technologies — Salt Lake City, UT, USA
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