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Introducing Freelance Projects: a New Way to Work Directly with Clients on Behance

Introducing Freelance Projects: a New Way to Work Directly with Clients on Behance
Published January 23, 2023 by the Behance Team

Behance is home to millions of talented professionals who are looking for new opportunities and clients that are looking to hire creative talent. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Freelance Projects, a new feature for creatives and clients to find and connect with one another and work together on freelance projects seamlessly. 

How can Freelance Projects help me?

With our new Freelance Projects feature, you can let people know your availability for freelance work, easily create proposals for projects that excite you, request payment directly in Behance, and leave reviews on clients you’ve worked with.

  • Update your availability for freelance work: You can update prospective clients about your availability for full-time or freelance work directly in your Behance profile, so that it is visible next to your work.
  • Easily create and send proposals: When clients inquire about your availability or have a project they want to collaborate on, you can easily respond to them with a proposal within the Behance inbox.
  • Request and receive payments seamlessly: With our Stripe integration, you can directly request payment from clients, and even specify how much of the payment should be received upfront prior to starting the project.
  • Leave reviews on past clients: Once a project is complete, clients and creatives can leave reviews for each other. With community reviews for both the clients and creators, you can feel confident going into an agreement.

How to Get Started on Freelance Projects

1. Fill out the Hire Me section of your profile to let visitors know that you're open for freelance work. With your availability turned on, you will also appear on our Hire page and can be contacted by prospective clients with freelance project inquiries. 

Hire Melissa 1

2. Prospective clients who like your work can contact you with a Freelance/Project Inquiry, which will include their budget, timeline, and a short description of the project they’re looking to collaborate on.

Hire Melissa 2

3. Once you receive a freelance/project inquiry from a client, you will see a Create Proposal button on the inquiry card, and in some cases in the sidebar of your inbox thread. 

You can respond by sending a Freelance Proposal to the client with a description, price, timing, and more. You can also select the percentage of upfront payment required to get the project started. 

To send a proposal, you need to connect to or create a Stripe account, which will allow you to collect the payments directly

Hire Melissa 3

Learn more about how to use Freelance Projects in our FAQ.

Tips on Getting Hired on Behance 

Here’s how designers looking for new freelance opportunities can make the most out of using Behance.

Share your best work

Keep your Behance profile up to date with your latest work so clients can see a comprehensive overview of your portfolio. 

Update your contact information 

Make sure your email in your profile is correct so you receive notifications of project inquiries, and stay on top of your Behance inbox for client messages. 

Send a precise proposal 

When you receive an inquiry, create an accurate proposal that summarizes the scope of the work, the price, and timeline. You can use your Behance inbox to message the client if you need additional information about their needs. 

Find more information about Freelance Projects, including eligible countries, fees, and best practices, in our FAQ.

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