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Hire Freelance Designers in the United Kingdom

Hire Freelance Designers in the United Kingdom
Published April 17, 2023 by the Behance Team

Need a freelance graphic designer for your next product launch? Looking for an illustrator to bring your ideas to life? Browse through thousands of creative portfolios from our Hire page and filter by creative field, location, tools, and more to find the perfect freelance artist for your next project. 

Hire Page

With our new Freelance Projects feature, you can connect and collaborate with freelance artists directly through Behance. Payments are made securely through Stripe, and with community reviews for both the clients and creatives, you can feel confident going into an agreement.

Here are some talented designers who are based in the UK that are available for freelance projects. 

Designers for Hire in the UK 


Mariya Lish

Mariya is a designer specializing in lettering, typography, and bespoke logo design. Her practice is focused on Latin and Cyrillic type design and development. Mariya is based in Newcastle upon Tyne.



Irina Selaru

Irina is a London-based illustrator with a passion for animation, typography, and all things creative. Her illustrations are full of bold textures, colors, and shapes. Irina is also available for full-time opportunities. 



Borys Kosmynka

Borys is a typeface designer and typographic consultant. He also leads workshops and training in type and typography. Boris is based in Bristol. 



Chris Hall

Chris creates dynamic illustrations with cool color palettes. He also teaches illustration courses online. Chris is based in Liverpool. 



Andrew Cooper

Andrew is an award-winning creative director who has created campaigns for international brands including Tiffany & Co, Peloton, and Warner Brothers. Andrew is based in Berkhamsted and also available for full-time opportunities.



Thomas Moeller

Thomas is an experience designer and creative director whose portfolio covers a diverse range of projects in digital, web, interactive, and product interface designs. Thomas is based in London.



Simona De Leo

London-based illustrator and pattern designer Simona works with both analog and digital media. She enjoys combining watercolor and inking techniques with her digital artwork. 



Kwaku Amprako

Kwaku is a logo specialist and brand designer who creates impactful and minimalist designs with abstract flair. Kwaku is based in London. 


See more available freelance designers in the UK on Behance

Work with Freelance Artists Directly on Behance

When you find a creative who is a good fit for your project, send them a Freelance/Project inquiry outlining the scope of the work. If the creative is interested in taking on the project, they will send back an official proposal that you can review and approve. Once you complete the required upfront payment, the creative can begin the work. 

Learn more about how to use our Freelance Projects feature in our FAQ.

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