Demy Ohneisser and Morien Ohneisser: Refraction in Motion

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Hire Freelance Designers in Germany

Refraction in Motion by Demy Ohneisser and Morien Ohneisser
Hire Freelance Designers in Germany
Published February 22, 2023 by the Behance Team

Need a freelance graphic designer for your next product launch? Looking for an illustrator to bring your ideas to life? Browse through thousands of creative portfolios from our Hire page and filter by creative field, location, tools, and more to find the perfect freelance artist for your next project. 

Hire Page

With our new Freelance Projects feature, you can connect and collaborate with freelance artists directly through Behance. Payments are made securely through Stripe, and with community reviews for both the clients and creatives, you can feel confident going into an agreement.

Here are some talented designers who are based in the UK that are available for freelance projects. 

Designers for Hire in Germany


Martin Naumann

Martin is a graphic designer and digital artist working in both 2D and 3D. His focus is on creating futuristic abstract art, driven by experimentation and inspired by the natural world. Martin is based in Dessau. 



Demy Ohneisser

Demy is a UI/UX and 3D motion designer based in Munich. He is the co-founder of the 3D studio Aborie. Demy is also available for full-time opportunities.



Tom Jueris

Tom is a graphic designer and branding specialist who creates elegant identity and packaging designs for beauty and lifestyle brands. Tom is also available for full-time opportunities. He is based in Hamburg. 




Joana Correia, who goes by JOCO on Behance, is a design and motion director. Her clients include Adobe, Adidas, Siemens, IBM, Pentagram Design, and more. 


Pattamon Poonsiri

Pattamon is a UI/UX designer based in Frankfurt who loves to craft a good story and build products driven by empathy, people, and technology. Pattamon is also available for full-time opportunities.



Wan Raitelli

Wan is a visual artist originally from Buenos Aires, and currently based in Cologne. She creates art influenced by a love of everyday moments, emotions and situations. 



Nemanja Ivanovic

Design director and experience designer Nemanja has created digital experiences for global clients like Google, Nike, T-Mobile, Redbull, EA Games, and more. Nemanja is based in Bonn. 



Annika Brandow

Annika’s illustration portfolio is full of fun, punchy graphics that embrace bold color palettes. Originally from South Africa, she is currently based in Berlin.


See more available freelance designers in Germany on Behance

Work with Freelance Artists Directly on Behance

When you find a creative who is a good fit for your project, send them a Freelance/Project inquiry outlining the scope of the work. If the creative is interested in taking on the project, they will send back an official proposal that you can review and approve. Once you complete the required upfront payment, the creative can begin the work. 

Learn more about how to use our Freelance Projects feature in our FAQ.

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