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Celebrate Pride Month with Behance.

Celebrate Pride Month with Behance.
Published June 1, 2023 by the Behance Team

For Pride month this year, we are celebrating the rich diversity of our community and their unique creative perspectives. We’ve curated a moodboard of artwork created for and by the LGBTQ+ community on Behance. 

Still Here, a mural by Sam Lo

Sam Lo


Gender neutral uniforms by Stratos Efstathiou, Soenar Santoso, and Reed Collins



Pride parade illustration by Ane Arzelus



House of Pride board game design by Doug Rodas

House of Pride


Pride parade stop animation by Margaret Scrinkl


Animations for Instagram's Pride filter by Bryndon Díaz

Bryndon Díaz


Pride campaign for Havaianas by Maltchique



Illustrations for a virtual pride celebrations by Antonio Luvs



Illustrations for Instagram pride by Estela Carregalo



Pride flags reimagined by Microsoft Design

Microsoft Pride

Looking for more Pride projects?

Search for more LGBTQ+ projects on Behance or browse our curated moodboard featuring some of the best Pride projects on Behance. 

Screen Shot 2023 05 09 at 9.48.22 Am


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