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Comic artist and illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain.

Ability to express through different styles in order to adapt it to the story and imaginary. Knowledge of traditional tools and methods of illustration as well as digital. Loves trying new tools and has a thing for art supplies.
  • Graphic designer
    Ediciones Tomodomo — Spain
  • 2D artist
    Grimorio Of Games — Barcelona, Spain
  • Illustrator
    Ediciones Tomodomo — Spain
  • Illustrator & Comic Artist
    Sintaxis — Spain
  • Illustrator
    Lucia Yoga — Cádiz, Spain
  • Illustrator
    Commissions — Spain
  • Comic Artist and Illustrator
    Life In A Glasscase — Barcelona, Spain
  • Illustrator
    Kuro-e: Challenge — Barcelona, Spain
  • Comic Artist
    Fandogamia Editorial — Spain
  • Comic Artist
    Editores De Tebeos — Spain
  • Comic Artist
    Pipa Magazine — Spain
  • Art Teacher (intership)
    Francesc Macià High School — Barcelona, Spain
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