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Shadow and Light

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  • Shadow and Light
  • How does
    a part of the world
    leave the world?

    How does wetness
    leave water?

  • Don't try to put out fire
    by throwing on more fire!

    Don't wash a wound
    with blood.
  • No matter how fast you run,
    your shadow keeps up.

    Sometimes it's in front!

    Only full overhead sun
    diminishes your shadow.

    But that shadow
    has been serving you.
  • What hurts you,
    blesses you.

    is your candle.

    Your boundaries
    are your quest.
  • I could explain this,
    but it will break
    the glass cover
    on your heart,
    and there's no fixing that.
  • You must have
    shadow and light source
  • Listen,
    and lay your head
    under the tree of awe.

    When from that tree
    feathers and wings
    sprout on you,
    be quieter than a dove.

    Don't even open your mouth
    for even a coo.
  • Rumi