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A year in review: bits and pieces
A year ago, I took a leap of faith and decided to leave my job and move from Montreal to London. The stakes were high but it was one of the easiet decision I've made- It was simply what I wanted to do.
During the year, I didn't manage to do as much photography as I wanted to, I had (and still do) a few projects in mind but to no avail. However, I managed to record bits and pieces of my year. In this series, there isn't much creativity or concept but more of a documentation of what intrigued and interested me: street art, architecture, colors, shapes, patterns, lights or a combination- bits and pieces.

You'll see a variety of scenes: The decorated walls of the oldest bar in Alexandria, graffiti in East London, Street art from Berlin, Lisbon after rain, the everlasting beauty of Rome...

There isn't one concept, there is no order. It's as random as my life has been.

It all started new apartment!
A year in review: bits and pieces