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My Original Wedding Invite

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    Putting a twist on traditional wedding invites
  • Weddings in India are deeply rooted in traditions, new and old, stemming from the various religious beliefs and cultures prevalent in the country. Wedding invites are especially boiler plate driven - They must have all sorts of religious symbols on them; they must have names of all core family members; they must be flashy, yet somehow manage to be completely boring! ...Also, let's not forget, they need to be sent out to every single individual you or your parents have met in the past two decades (beyond that is just too crazy of course) and their extended family.

    For my own wedding, I decided to break out of the box altogether. The concept began with a series of caricatures created by one of the country's leading cartoonists who conveniently happens to be my father. The idea was to keep it simple and fun, hence we concentrated on the line drawings, deciding to go in for screen printing on hand-made paper. 

    The problem of too many people was addressed through the creation of individual cards for each event (I should have mentioned, most Indian weddings tend to have 4 - 5 events spread out over at least a week's time), the idea being that we could play with different permutations and combinations and basically not invite everyone for everything. 

    A mechanism was needed to hold these cards together and the cover was dreamt up. The front side displayed the introduction illustration of the couple coming together and once you flipped it around, the back had winglets which came together in the center underneath the sticker seal. Given the shape and function of these winglets, we put down the names of our parents on opposing winglets to represent the coming together of two families (name of core family on invite - check). What this cover did was allow us to have an envelope inside an envelope without necessarily looking like one, and also allowing us to stick address labels on the outside for posting purposes.

    The maps at the back were made very simplistic, yet were thorough, hence the use of shorter arrows as opposed to longer ones which sometimes cause confusion due to their obscurity.

    Overall, I tried to keep it Simple, Clean, and Vibrant!!