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    An exhibition designed to showcase student works in the field of typography.
Word Play
Exhibition Design
While still in college, all of us students were given a random word each and asked to come up with suitable typographical representations for what it meant to us. I was asked to take these fonts and put up an exhibition centered around them.
Interactivity was key! Not only did I try to explore the interactivity between the viewer and the exhibition, but betweeen different aspects of the exhibition as well. One such interaction was between the lights, characters, and space available, in the hope to bring out and highlight the ever present play between the outwardly obvious, seemingly chaotic messages, and the discrete, hidden messages that typographers and designers always find themselves amidst.
The interaction between viewer and exhibition provided the viewer an opportunity to understand the problems and opportunities a typographer goes through when dealing with a blank space and a message to communicate.
It worked...and it was fun...for the exhibitor, the exhibitees, and the exhibition!
GEVO was the word I played around with given certain constraints...
This particular exhibit was done in collaboration with another friend Saloni. It was literally crazy fun figuring out  and getting it right!