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  • Machismo
    Tools for Manhood
  • Sex. Drinking. Smoking. And more. It’s an inevitable part of growing up. Everyone does it. Everyone makes mistakes. Most of us live to tell about it.

    Being a kid is supposed to be fun. Hell, being an adult is supposed to be fun, too. But the decisions we make during our teenage years can last a very long time — both the good decisions and the bad decisions.
  • A father can have a very powerful influence on his son. No, he can’t always tell his son what to do, but he can relay some advice and guidance. Every father was once a teenager, too. But talking isn’t necessarily a “guy thing”, and as kids grow up faster and are exposed to so much more every day, it’s harder to talk to your kids.
  • Machismo is a kit to help start that discussion. If dad can introduce a teenager to the things he may be tempted to try on his own, the hope is he’ll be much less likely to experiment and abuse such things. Machismo isn’t promoting illegal activities. It isn’t promoting underage drinking. Machismo is about encouraging responsible adult behavior under the guidance of a son’s most trusted figure: his dad.
  • Each item is labeled to get people talking. Wasted. Drunk. These may be words that would cause a teenager to be fearful, but that’s what dad is there to help with. And it doesn’t have to be completely serious: It’s also an excellent opportunity for dad to teach his son the difference between a cabernet and a merlot.
  • It’s intended for a father to share Machismo with his son in his early teenage years — probably thirteen to fifteen years of age, or whenever it feels right. The earlier, the better. 
  • Sex, drinking, and smoking. They’re fun. They’re enjoyable. But they’re not to be abused, and if Machismo prevents even one kid from blacking out at a frat party or driving home drunk, it would be an incredible success.