Every business needs a web presence, even in an industry which doesn't exactly embrace new technology. LBP Mechanical, Inc. has an interesting, long-lasting history, and I wanted to highlight that as a unique aspect against its competition. With clear, bold statements and a simple, modern look, LBP has a standout website. 
I did all of the copywriting for LBP, taking care to emphasize the history and longevity of the business. With many of LBP's competitors only having been around for a few years, clients are reassured they can place trust in a long-standing business. 
Also important to the functionality of the website was a well-designed service request form. The client hadn't requested this feature, but it was easy to build it in to the contact page. This way, LBP's service coordinator can be notified instantly via email when a customer needs service. This contact form saves time and paperwork compared to requesting service by fax, phone, or even mail. (Yes, really.)
This is a live website which can be viewed here: