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  • My city
    ROUSSE - the first stories in my city
  • What is a city? What can be special about a city - the culture, the traditions, the architecture, the people, the night life, the spirit... Does a city have a spirit? How might your life be changed or guided by a city? Your first and most memorable experiences in life? I will tell you a story about my city, the city where I was born, where I have lived, studied and have shared my very deepest emotions - the city of Rousse. A safe and peaceful place to live, the fifth biggest city in Bulgaria offers a cultured ambience focused on an elegant city center marked by the city's European heritage. Due to its location, situated on the south bank of the Danube river, Rousse has always played an important role in the cultural and economic life of Bulgaria. Traditions have kept our city on a relatively high level of development through the years. Today Rousse is large enough to provide all the conveniences of a major city yet has the charm and sense of community of a small, well preserved European town.
  • Rousse  is a site of many Bulgarian firsts. As a real human being my city has experienced many firsts in its lifetime. I am going to show you Rousse’s first as an introduction of my firsts that I have experienced here. The most memorable and true stories in my life with the first people, places and belongings in my city - the city of Rousse.  

    - the first private bank Girdap
    - the first insurance company
    - the first filmshow
    - the first metal ship
    - the first pharmacy
    - the first bookstore
    - the first elevator
    - the first press house
    - the first beer factory
    - the first weather station
    - the first chamber of commerce
    -the first railway track Rousse - Varna