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Collections: Chez Galip

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  • About Chez Galip
    This collection contains clips and production stills from Chez Galip, an observational documentary set in Cappadocia, Turkey about a potter and his hair collection. The project was the creation of Scottish artist, Bobby Niven and was supported by the Central Station Member Fund.

    The museum is set in a cave below the workshop of potter Galip Körükçü. In 1979 Galip had the idea of collecting women's hair, the purpose of which was to raise course participation numbers for the pottery workshops he was running. Galip takes a cutting of hair from women that visit his workshop and attaches it along with a post-it note complete with their name, phone number and address to the wall of the cave. Every six months 10 addresses are chosen at random from inside the cave, the women are then contacted to announce that they have won a trip to stay in his guesthouse and participate in the pottery workshops for free.

    Chez Galip was screened at Sierra Metro Gallery in Edinburgh through November 2010.

    All production stills by Cara Connolly
    Insights below by Bobby Niven

    Chez Galip
    Director Bobby Niven
    Cinematographer Martin Clark
    2nd Camera Cara Connolly
    Sound Cara Connolly
    Editing Bobby Niven
    Translation Alev Ersan

  • Bobby Niven: Chez Galip, 2010
    Courtesy of Sierra Metro & the artist
  • Hair Museum

    Based in the town of Avanos, Cappadocia the cave houses the hair collection of potter Galip Körükç
  • Cave Tracking

    I wanted to try out some tracking shots with a DIY dolly and track system. I fabricated the wheel system using rollerblade wheels and plastic pipe and took this with us to Turkey where we had to find some pipes to lay as track. After several visits to the local plumber merchants we found straight drainage pipes to give the best result. Make sure to check used rollerblade or skateboard wheels for defects as even the slightest dent can create horrible bumps as they travel along the tracking.
  • Camel Tracking

    Rigging and results of dolly and track. Ladder and camel.
  • Baking

    We were driven by our host at Motel 1001 Nuit's to visit the underground city in Kaymakli, on the return trip we stopped off to pick up some bread.
  • Throwing

    Using clay from the river Galip throws a teapot on a traditional wooden kick wheel which was in use as early as the Bronze Age 3500 - 3000 BC.
  • Bobby Niven: Chez Galip, 2010
    Courtesy of Sierra Metro & the artist
  • Underground 

    Lava and ash from the volcanoes of Erciyes covered the area of Cappadocia leaving soft deposits of stone that were later carved into to create vast underground citUnderground
  • Bus Journey 

    Exhausted after eight continuous days of filming we meet a movie star busBus Journey