Yuck 'n Yum Collection 2010
 This collection seeks to showcase just some of the talent Yuck 'n Yum have had the pleasure to distribute through our zines and projects.

Yuck ‘n Yum is a distribution conduit for artists. We produce a quarterly art zine and hold events that are aimed at distributing art out with the gallery setting.

To find out more about Yuck ‘n Yum go to www.yucknyum.com
Ross Hamilton Frew - Abstract Number One
Spring 2010 Issue
Ross is a visual artist and curator based in Glasgow. He is founder of A Wee Tasty, which hosted a 'A Wee Tasty Experiences' in April 2009. A Wee Tasty holds events aimed at fostering links between music and art.

You can check out his work here.
Sam Spreckley - Thought Study
Turn Your Bluetooth On, Inverness Dec 2009
Sam is a filmmaker, illustrator and sound designer who divides his time between Berlin and Aberdeen, UK.

We asked Sam to be involved in our Turn Your Bluetooth On project in which we distributed videos and audio via bluetooth to patrons of a Rose Street, Inverness car park mobile devices. This was part of Getting Up : Windows in the City exhibition commissioned by IOTA.

Sam has exhibited internationally as well as at the National Gallery of Scotland.
Jonathan Kelham - Slide 19 (Tree & 123 lying down all bags 2 water)
Winter 2009 issue
We don't know much about Jonathan except we absolutely love this image, we think he is an artist based in England.
O.B. De Alessi - Self-portrait with Bubbles
Winter 2009 issue
O.B. is a visual and performance artist based in Paris. She regularly exhibits in Paris and London.

To find out more information on O.B. check out her blog here.
Ewan Manson - I Used To Have Money and You Used To Call Me Honey
Autumn 2009 issue
Ewan is a visual artist based in Dundee, he also took part in our Yuck 'n Yum Art Distribution Unit at the Cupar Arts Festival Oct 2009.

We asked a selection of zine contributors to make 100 multiples which we would distribute for free during the festival, Ewan made 100 pots of marmalade.
Kier Cooke Sandvik - As Above, So Below
Summer 2009 issue
Kier is one of our regular international contributors.

He is based in Norway has two books published by 38th Street Press: Richard Hell's "The Voidoid" (w/ ltd. edition) and his own artist's book of drawings, "There's Something Down There".

He also produces a zine called Flesh World.
Anna Orton - Vegas Bar
Spring 2009 issue
Anna is a visual artist based in Dundee who is heavily involved within the Dundee art scene. She has chaired the Generator Commitee and teaches at Duncan of Jordanstone.

Anna was also involved in our Yuck 'n Yum Distribution Unit producing 100 stunning screen prints for us.
Simon Reekie - Where's Your Suit?
Spring 2009 issue
Simon is a painter based in Dundee, he is a long standing friend of Yuck 'n Yum and has regularly contributed to the zine over the years. He recently had a solo show in Dundee University's prestigious Tower Gallery.

For more info on Simon's work check out his website.
Jason Nelson - Misplaced Wallet and Watch
Turn Your Bluetooth On and Winter 2008 issue
Jason is a visual artist and founding member of GANGHUT.

GANGHUT is an artist collective founded upon utopian ideology, the psychology of social structures and friendship. They have exhibited at the DCA and most recently as part of the Glasgow International Arts Festival.

We distributed his Misplaced Wallet and Watch as part of our Turn Your Bluetooth On as well as featuring it in our Winter 2008 edition of the zine.
Paul Milne - Hso-Fii Eh'Luss B'ech-Trh
Winter 2008 issue
Paul Milne is an illustrator based in Fife. He has been a regular contributor to the zine since its inception. His beautiful yet bizarre illustrations fit perfectly with Yuck 'n Yum's aesthetic, so at the beginning of the year we thought we'd formalize his inclusion in the zine by making him our 2010 cover artist.
Val Norris - Jewel of nature
Autumn 2008 issue
Val is a visual artist based in Dundee, she has exhibited across Scotland and is currently working on a project called We Like Yellow Things, which looks into the weird and wonderful world of song poems.
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This collection seeks to showcase just some of the talent we at Yuck & Yum have had the pleasure to distribute through our zines and projects to Read More

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