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Book Covers

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  • Tove Jansson Book Covers

    Book covers inspired by short stories taken from 'A Winter Book' by Tove Jansson.
    The font used in this project has been designed by Fontfabric and is called CODE. You can buy it here.

  • 'It was green and white and sparkling and it was coming in order to meet me. I had never seen an iceberg before. Now it all depended on whether anyone said anything. If they said a single word about the iceberg, it wouldn't be mine any longer.'
  • 'I didn't dare to hide it; somebody might see it and take it while I ran home. It had to be rolled away. If anyone came and tried to stop me I would sit down on top of the stone and yell my head off. I could bite them as they tried to lift it. I could just do anything.'
  • 'In the afternoon the snow was even greyer and fell in flocks and stuck to the window-panes and then slid down and new flocks appeared out of twilight and replaced them. They were like grey hands with a hundred fingers. I tried to watch one as it fell, it spread out and fell, faster and faster. I stared at the next one and the next one and in the end my eyes began to hurt and I got scared.'
  • 'He would look at people and immediately make them feel how surprised and happy he was to meet them at last and then he just walked on with his hammer and hammered a rock here and there. His name was Jeremiah.' 
  • 'I started by thinking up the most awful things I could, which wasn't particularly difficult. When I had made things as awful as possible I took a run and bounced off the floor and flew away from everything, leaving it all behind me in a deep well. Down there the whole town was burning. Down there the crow was saying: ''It was your fault that I died.'' And the Unmentionable Thing crawled under the mat.'
  • 'As soon as twilight comes, a great big creature creeps over the harbour. It has no face but has got very distinct hands which cover one island after another as it creeps forward. When there are no more islands left, it stretches its arm out over the water, a very long arm that trembles a little and begins to grope its way towards Skatudden.'