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Becoming an Artist Mock-Manual - Book Design

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  • "MOME 12" is a student project. The task was to create a layout for at least twelve pages with the title "Twelve steps to MOME" (MOME being Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest). My idea was to take this title very non-literally, so I decided to design a mock-manual for becoming an artist. The 12 steps are the life-events and decisions that are necessary for becoming an artist. Writing the text on my own gave me unique opportunity to controll the content and experimenting with text-and-typography relations. 
    It was not the kind of topic that I felt comfortable writing about in a serious way, so I decided to use a light tone. My goal was to create a mock-tutorial, a do-it-yourself manual. Additional to my text I also quoted famous artists - both their words and their iconic photos. I used them in a way very different from their original context, so a double-edgedness, a second layer of meaning appears. My intension with using well-known photos of great artists as illustrations was to create a sense of absurdity that goes well with the text.
    Akik elolvasnák, kérem jelezzék üzenetben, szívesen rendelkezésükre bocsátom :) 
  • Chapter 1. Figure 2. Motivation.
  • Figure 23. Obstacles, goals and the road - their size and their evil illusions.
  • Figure 16. Composition variations for men & burden.
  • Figure 18. To think outside of the box. Difficulties of categorisations.
  • Table of Content. The positioning of the chapter numbers indicates the mood of the life event the chapter is about. 
  • Infographic presentation of the chapters, showing in which period a crucial life-event must/should/can occur so the artist's life is complete.
  • Chapter 1. Time of the Kindergarten. Original photo: Erdélyi Miklós; Time-travel II.
  • In Chapter 2. Paul Klee's masterpieces.
  • Chapter 3. Portraits of the old and young Gabriel García Márquez.
  • Chapter 7.  Artist's school of Budapest.
  • Chapter 2. Competitions for fame. Photo and (sort-of) portrait of Eadweard Muybridge.
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