"From Point A to B" is a student project created by Livia Hasenstaub and Sára Ulrich in Vienna 2012. 

We were set to the task to come up with ideas how to improve the transportation system: firstly in Vienna, but influencing also the whole of Austria and since there are international trams, buslines etc. the project may not stop at the borders.

Uniting the different transportation methods in one global system by making the different companies (ÖBB, CAT, SB, Wiener Linien, City Bike) co-operate, would be an evident solution that could make transportation more efficient.
Our concept has 3 focuses - 3 key points:
1. rationalising the price system of travel fees
2. introducing a smart card that unites the different tickets and passes
3. installing an information system that works on smart phones.
By these steps, travellers can be influenced to develop a eco-friendly behavior. Consequently, their journey can be simpler, more comfortable and cheaper. 

In our concept AB Project would be at first and optional choice for the travelers, later on it could be entwined with the sytem of public transportation that is already there. We created a brand and identity for the project: "From Point A to B"  uses simple geometric shapes that refer to the route, the shortcut, the starting point and end point of a journey. By using long-expostion photographs we wanted to capture the essence of mobility in its most simple form: the movement itself.
Logo variations
The smart card could simplify the complex system of tickets and different passes.
The pictograms use the combination of simple geometric forms and long-exposition pictures. In AB Project long-exposition pictures refer to the very essence of transportation: movement. 
The pictograms that appear on buses, trams etc. can function as a non-direct advertisement of the AB Project.
Smart phone application can raise awereness of the necessity of more efficient transportation methods. By keeping the users well informed and by creating the feeling of being involved, the application can influence the travel-behavior of commuters. Up to date information of the possible alternatives is a key to travel faster, simpler, cheaper. 
Stationery 1.
Business cards for the project partners. The business cards create a puzzle and by that little game they evoke the feelings of informality and connection in their owners. Their colour varies from department to department of AB project. 
The flyer summerises the project for the commissioners.
Flyer 2.
Flyer 3.
Poster 1.
Poster 2.
Poster 3.
Thank You!
Branding concept of Eco-friendly Public Transportation

Branding concept of Eco-friendly Public Transportation

Brand design and identity concept for "From Point A to B" project that aims to improve public transportation sytem in Vienna by making users feel Read More