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  • Anfisa and Animals

    Idea, design, lettering and distichs: Alexander Toropchin
    Illustrations: Vitaly Ilyin
    Distichs: Galina Bozhock
    Translation: Shashi Do

    Made in BARBA
  • Anfisa and Animals(Anfisa i zveri)
  • Anfisa and the Mice
    Anfisa is mustering Mice’s grand swarm
    Wearing the powerful chAnfisa and the Mice
  • Anfisa and the Swans
    Anfisa is writing her sonnets with quills
    The Swans are stark-naked, and catching a chill
  • Anfisa and the Hippo
    Anfisa is making the Hippo foureyes
    His nausea he simply cannot disguise
  • Anfisa and the Cockroach
    Anfisa aspires without a coach
    To skillfully wrestle bristles of the Roach
  • Anfisa and the Deer
    Anfisa has painted the antlers of Deer 
    She’s lazy, hence clean are the sides and the rear
  • Anfisa and the Centipedes
    Anfisa is crumbling the pastry around
    By crumbles all Centipedes are quite spellbound
  • Anfisa and the Hedgehogs
    Anfisa’s enjoying her windowsill scenery:
    The Hedgehogs are succulent thorny pot greenery
  • Anfisa and the Pigeon
    Anfisa is loading the worrisome Dove
    With some outrageously punitive stuff
  • Anfisa and the Whale
    Anfisa is sure that every Whale 
    Could certainly master melodious wail
  • Anfisa and the Kangaroo
    Anfisa is happy to help and consort
    The Kangaroo’s baby she’s taking on board
  • Anfisa and the Bugs
    Anfisa believes that the Bugs are no fright
    The Bugs are prudential: no fight, better flight
  • Anfisa and the Lion
    Anfisa surprises the Lion no end
    He’s got for his birthday the muffins of sand
  • Anfisa and the Worms
    Anfisa is lacing her luxury shoes
    With two Worms that are dangling loose
  • Anfisa and the Jellyfish
    Anfisa adores the Jellyfish ways:
    In her stingy leggings she stubbornly stays
  • Anfisa and the Snakes
    Anfisa is torturing Snakes, for it matters:
    For her and her mommy she’s making nice sweaters
  • Anfisa and the Wood Louse
    Anfisa is dreading the ghastly Wood Louse
    Come night, and the Louse is haunting the house
  • Anfisa and the Goat
    Anfisa swops things in her fanciful manner
    The telly has horns, and the Goat has antennae
  • Anfisa and the Rhino
    Anfisa is definite: Rhinos must wear
    Not just one horn but fifteen, everywhere
  • Anfisa and the Panda
    Anfisa makes moths surrender and yield:
    The back of the Panda’s a lavender field
  • Anfisa and the Shrimps
    Anfisa is in command of the Shrimps
    And numerous other aquatic nymphs
  • Anfisa and the Cuckoo
    Anfisa cuts open the Cuckoo’s neck
    She is taking out the batteries pack
  • Anfisa and the Fox
    Anfisa is puzzled by the Fox’s hairstyle
    She’ll tend to it closely in a short while
  • Anfisa and the Donkey
    Anfisa sees through the Donkey’s sweet soul
    Subduing him well with the raspberry bowl
  • Anfisa and the Heron
    Anfisa doesn’t need any juicer, so far
    She squeezes the Heron’s carrot nectar
  • Anfisa and the Giraffe
    Anfisa bites the Giraffe in the nape
    And neither the others can really escape
  • Anfisa and the Cat
    Anfisa is treating the Cat with a party
    The Cat is enjoying her borschtch, and her latte