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2030 Rolls Royce Eidolon

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  • The Eidolon concept is a demonstration of what seating layout can be adopted with the advent of autonomous technology, and how users could drive/live/interact within the vehicle, with a tremendous blessing of the luxury brand.


  • In the past, large luxury cars have huge problems with city driving due to their lengthy dimensions, with the introduction of Advanced Omniwheel technology however, wheelbase no longer dictate the manoeuvrability of a car, instead, car length now determines city friendliness of the car. A standard sedan's turning radius is around 11m, with the help of the omniwheel technology however, the turning radius becomes 0 and even a 6 meter long vehicle equipped with omniwheel is more manoeuvrable compared to a normal C segment sedan.

  • Besides, by starting to legalise full-autonomous vehicles, the very aim of reducing human errors while operating vehicles will mean that eventually, laws will be passed to abolish manual driving, which renders all current conventional vehicles illegal to drive. But that does not mean that the steering wheels are now irrelevant, as passengers still retain their right to switch between Undriven or Driven mode, albeit in a state of semi-autonomous driving.
  • The design takes inspirations from modern luxury yacht, in which the typology of captain’s bridge and lower living deck are replicated in this vehicle. What is left of a typical car bonnet is now transformed into another stratum of interior space for occupants, and with the help of panoramic roof/bonnet, it enhances the airy feel of the interior
  • The design is also unique as it employs omnidirectional wheels, which features zero turning radius. As Rolls Royce never compromises with its specifications and interior space, the Eidolon Concept takes a step further with even greater dimensions, and yet the omniwheel technology ensures that the Eidolon concept is more maneuverable than a normal sedan.
    Drive: Featuring Magnetic Pulse coupled with existing omniwheel technology, zero friction drive can be achieved while requiring low energy consumption.
    Michelin Omniwheel: Passengers can also enjoy magic-carpet-like ride thanks to the silky smooth Autotraction 2.0 system, which governs the traction level and suspension sensitivity according to varied road conditions.
    Semi-auto driving mode: As manual driving will be outlawed in future, users can opt for semi-auto driving mode while driving with their steering wheel. Steering is passively assisted to facilitate a smooth drive. Cockpit raises to provide greater visibility when a semi-auto driving mode is activated
    Privacy: With the aid of electrochromatic glass, occupants can enjoy greater privacy with a push of a button.
    Lounge: At the lower deck of the vehicle, occupants enjoy cups of earl grey tea while watching movies from giant screen that is previously unavailable in cars.
    Easy Ingress/Egress: Thanks to vertical suicide door, an unconventional way of opening doors (courtesy of Rolls Royce cars), users can now enter and exit Eidolon Concept easily.
  • Be it driven or undriven, wheels and tires play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth ride and versatile drive in megacities (and rural B-roads). Hence, Michelin Omniwheel's Autotraction 2.0 (system that governs the wheel's traction in semi/autonomous mode) allows greater freedom and confidence on the road.