Year in Review

In 2015, incredible things happened to you after you shared your work.

“I worked with Nike on designing large scale wall graphics for their executive offices.”

Alexis Marcou
NIKE 4D Executive Offices

“I experimented with an unusual material called ferrofluid to create the first clock with a liquid display, and it won the 2015 Red Dot Award.”

Damjan Stankovic
Rhei - The Liquid Clock

“Usher's production team saw my work on Behance and asked me to create custom illustrations for his next world tour.”

Patrick Seymour
USHER • Yeah!

“I created custom graphics for the end credits of ‘22 Jump Street’ after my retro-futuristic logos went viral on Behance.”

Alessandro Strickner
22 Jump Street - Logo design

“A publisher messaged me on Behance with a book deal offer, and this year I published a best-selling coloring book called Animorphia.”

Kerby Rosanes

Behance also experienced some major milestones: Softlab designed a custom installation for our brand-new HQ in NYC

Behance Installation

Our first-ever art & design book was published, featuring work curated exclusively from the Behance community.

Multiple Owners
The Behance Book of Creative Work :: Super-Modified

And you collaborated in person, organizing 489 events in 84 countries for the community to come together and share work as part of Portfolio Review Week.

Portfolio Review Week
Presented twice annually

In 2015, Behance grew in some fun, and even unexpected ways. You gave:



And our community grew to over

six million

members around the world

Bright red #FF0000

was the most popular color of the year for Behance project covers.

Thanks to you, 2015 was full of great moments and amazing work...

We can't wait to see what you create in 2016!