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Dr, Yasser Eid El-Sayed Nada
Associate Professor
Graphic Department,
Faculty of Fine Arts
Alexandria University.

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Egypt - Alexandria - Gleem – Abd el-Salam Aref St, - Graphic dep, -Faculty of Fin… Read More
Dr, Yasser Eid El-Sayed Nada
Associate Professor
Graphic Department,
Faculty of Fine Arts
Alexandria University.

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Egypt - Alexandria - Gleem – Abd el-Salam Aref St, - Graphic dep, -Faculty of Fine Arts Alexandria Uni .

• Bachelor of Fine Arts, Department of printed designs in 1995.
• Holds a master's degree in Fine Arts, Department of Printed Designs, Graphic Design and
Graphical Communication 2003 (Web Design)
• Holds a PhD degree in the philosophy of arts, Graphic Design and Graphical Communication, 2005
(The Design of e-books)
• Member of the Syndicate/Association of the Fine Artists.
• Awarded " Akhenaton Golden Award" - 1992.
• Awarded from The Atelier of Alexandria for the group of writers and artists – years: 93/94/95.
• Awarded a number of incentive and encouragement awards from The Atelier of Alexandria 94/95.
• Award of the Egyptian wing of Alexandria International Biennale for Mediterranean countries.
"Twentieth” in 1999.
• Completed Study in the academy of Didalo arte, Urbino - Italy in 2001.
• Member of the organizing committee in Matrouh International Symposium of granite sculpture in
the first round in 2007.
• Member of the Organizing Committee of the Third Scientific Conference of Visual Arts between
fixed and variable, 2007.
• Member of the Organizing Committee for the workshops accompanying the Third Scientific
Conference of Visual Arts between fixed and variable, 2007.
• Member of the Organizing Committee of the First Madinaty International Symposium for
Sculpture, 2008.
• PHP Workshop, King Senghor University of Alexandria. 2008.
• Member of the organizing committee of the Second Madinaty International Symposium for
Sculpture, 2009.
• Mahmoud Said and Ro’a exhibition of graphic art. 2009
• Organized the exhibition of the International Symposium for design, printing, publishing and
packaging - 2012
• The latest printing and packaging techniques "Droba exhibition for printing” 2012..

Art exhibitions and galleries:

• The exhibition of the Grand award located in the Egyptian Academy in Rome, Italy 2005
• Art Gallery, Hanager Hall, Ministry of Culture, Fine Arts Sector, Egypt 2005
• Art Gallery accompanying the exhibition “Indoors 11”, Egypt 2006
• Art gallery of the Arab Sports League Exhibition, Egypt 2007
• The first Tokyo International Biennale. Japan 2007
• International Exhibition at the level of all the Arab countries (Fine Arts Gallery) during the 11thArab
Sportive league, Egypt 2007
• The first Mohamed Rachid’s Youth Salon in the Arts Canter, Egypt 2008
• Agenda Gallery, Bibliotheca Alexandrina , Egypt 2008
• Arts Gallery, within the activities of Alexandria’s “capital of Islamic culture” celebration, Egypt 2008
• College Fair of the celebration of the birth of the artist Awaise, Egypt 2009
• Celebration organized by the General Authority for Cultural Palaces (Anfoushi Culture Palace) in
collaboration with the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, in celebration of the pioneers of
the art from the college professors and graduates work in the gallery “Fanani Al-Thaghar” - Faculty
of Fine Arts celebration, Egypt 2009
• Mahmoud Said and Ro’a Graphic Arts Exhibition, where Artist Farouk Shehata was honoured as
one of the Art pioneers in Alexandria, Egypt 2009
• Autumn Salon, Egypt 2009
• The Sixth Annual Meeting of “Fanani AL-Thaghar”, Naji’s hall, Anfoushi Palace culture, Egypt 2009
• The Sixth Annual Art Gallery of “Arts of Alexandria”, Egypt 2011
• Graphic artists Exhibition at the Russian Canter for Science and Culture, Egypt 2011
• The Eighth Annual Forum of “Fanani Al-Thaghar” (Ro’ya) , Anfoushi Culture Palace, Egypt 2011
• Graphic Artists Exhibition, the Russian cultural Canter, Egypt 2011
• Egyptian Contemporary Art Exhibition in London, UK

Published Researches:

• The Role of the Grid System in Graphic Design.
• The Optical Properties of the Augmented Reality Applications.
• Cognitive and Formal Concept of the Elements of Graphic Design Printed.
• Graphic Processors of Corporate Identity.
• The Importance of the Visual Connotations in Infographics and its Role in the Processes of
Graphical Communication.
• Cultural Connotations and Visual Data in the Design of infographics

Researches in Progress:

• The Semantic Encoding and Knowledge Management - (Visual Content Identity).
• The Semantic Encoding, Knowledge Management and the Development of Tactile Visualization of
the Visually Impaired.

Supervision of theses (MA / PHD):

• The Mathematical Concepts and Engineering Structures of the System of Form and Void in Graphic
• The Design of Street Banners and its Impact on the Visual Pollution in the Egyptian Street.
• The Role of Networked Systems in the Systems of Electronic Publishing Media.
• The Problems of the Unified Photos Design for the Institutions of Egyptian Universities and its
Environmental impact.
• The Intellectual Content of the Visual Image in Graphic Design for Advertising Campaigns - Case
Study on cellular phone service companies.
• The Role of Technological Development in Enriching the Form and Paintings of the Printed Book.
• The Graphical and Technological Processing and their Impact on the Design of Packaging
Containers of Value.
• The Visual Content of the ad Message in Guiding the Society towards the Problem of Illiteracy.
• The Impact of the Content on the Method of the Illustrations of Plant.
• Illustrations and its potential in Information Design Interactively.
• The Role of Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) in cConfirming the Visual Identity of the
Archaeological Area “Moez Street”.
• Structural and Functional Foundations of Roadmaps.

• Academic advising for postgraduate period from 2008 to 2011 ... Design and Graphical
Communication Division / Division of books painting and publications.

Training Courses:

• Training and qualification for admission to employment and industrial production facilities in
cooperation with: the Industrial Training Council and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, which
were overseeing programs for technical training and vocational activities in the field of printing,
publishing, packaging and advertising industries.

• Increase the effectiveness of training by studying the future trends and current needs of the labor
market and the industry , to compos an urgent action plan for training rehabilitation and
program management.

•Curses in cooperation with the Printing and Advertising Company (Petra) and the Faculty of
Fine Arts / Alexandria University.

• The Characteristics and Attributes of Infographics.
• The Concept of Visual Thinking in the Design of Infographics.
• Infographics Readability & Legibility.
• The Formal and Cognitive Concept of the Printed Design .
• Planning visual identity.

Research projects:

• A research project to the donors of the administrative projects unit, Faculty of Engineering,
Alexandria University. Green Community in SIWA 2009 - Research, Development and Innovation
Programme - RDI - EU- Egypt Innovation Fund
• Sinai International Symposium of Sculpture.
• Design and implementation of the indicative signs of Ras Mohamed National Park project.
• Linking Industry with Universities and Research - Workshop Programme Alexandria, 28 February - 2
March, 2009 - British Council Alexandria Read Less
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