Felipe Pardo Otero

Storyteller / Filmmaker / VFX Compositor / Visual Designer / IT Engineer

Lugo, Spain
Born in Spain in 1983, I am graduated in Film Directing at ECAM (a well-know film school of my country) and Computer Science at Universidade da Coruña, with very strong training in video editing techniques and a solid knowledge of design tools, motion graphics and visual effects compositing thanks to my postgraduate courses and various non-profit projects.

It could be said that I am a multimedia content creator. I have valuable experience in filmmaking at almost any role: Director, Assistant Director, Videographer, Sound Technician, Script Writer, Script Supervisor, Script Consultor, AV Editor, VFX Compositor... However I consider myself especially competent as Writer, Self-Shooting Director and AV Editor. In the design area, I have gathered some minor experience with 3D and 2D software at advertising and branding works, but also as front-end web developer with HTML5 technologies and Javascript. As IT engineer, my programming skills are quite solid, specially with Java based languages, and had opportunity to develop a couple of projects with modern agile methodologies. If this sounds good to you, I can provide certificates of all my formation and recommendation letters of many colleagues.

Talking a bit about my professional career, most of it has been developed as a freelancer, in a long succession of specific jobs very often without remuneration. At this moment I would like to find some stability. I would like to build something. Perhaps taking part in a common project inside a company with a future. But of course, doing my best in a place where my skills are really useful and can contribute in a valuable way. If I managed to find this, I would be willing to relocate to almost any place in the EU.

I speak English acceptably (Cambridge Pre-Advance level), but my mother tongues are Spanish and Galician (which allow me to understand a bit of Italian and Portuguese).

Work Experience

Short movies & Freelance collaborations.

Working in several short movies as Director, First and Second Assistant Director, Runner, Writer, Script Supervisor, Cinematographer, Art Director, AV Editor or VFX Compositor. Sporadic collaborations and side-projects as Writer and Video Editor.
January 2008 - Present Madrid, Spain


Escuela Trazos

Postgraduate Proffesional Course in Web Design (600h)

Expertise in the following software for Graphic Design & 3D content creation:
* Adobe Photoshop
* Adobe Illustrator
* Adobe InDesign
* Cinema4D

Expertise in the following technologies for Web developing:
* CSS3
* Bootstrap
* Wordpress
* Javascript
* JQuery
* AngularJS
March 2017 - August 2017 Madrid, Spain

Escuela Trazos

Postgraduate Course in Editing & Postproduction (600h)

Expertise in the following software:
* Avid Media Composer
* Adobe After Effects
* Final Cut Pro Suite (includes Final Cut Pro 7, Color, Motion, Compressor & DVD Studio Pro)
* Nuke

Added two courses more: Adobe Photoshop 6, Cinema4D R10.
October 2010 - November 2011 Madrid, Spain

ECAM - Escuela De Cinematografía Y Del Audiovisual De La Comunidad De Madrid

Film Direction

General training in different media works and expertise as Director, First Assistant Director, Assistant, Script Supervisor, Script Writer and Editor obtained in several exercises and short movies. Development of skills for teamwork and leading human groups.
Final short movie: "Interés Variable" (35mm). Selected in more than 30 international festivals.
September 2007 - September 2010 Madrid, Spain

Universidade De A Coruña

Ingeniería Técnica en Informática de Gestión (Computer Science)

Knowledge of Computer Structures and Technology, Programming Methodology and Technology, Data and Information Structure, Operating Systems, Organisational Techniques and Business Management, Software Management Engineering, Statistics.
Competence with different programming languages such as C, Java, Camel, SQL, Fortran, Pascal, etc.
Final Project: Application developed in Java for Automatic Text Summarisation (First Class with Distinction).
September 2001 - September 2007 A Coruña, Spain


Spanish (Native),
English (Advanced),
Galician (Native),
Portuguese (Beginner),


Análisis De Guion, Branding, Cartelería, Consultoría, Desarrollo De Aplicaciones, Dibujo Vectorial, Dirección De Cine, Dirección De Proyectos, Edición De Video, Escritura Creativa, Escritura De Guiones, Herramientas De Diseño, HTML5 & CSS3, Java, JavaScript, Maquetación HTML , Metodologías ágiles, Modelado 3d, Montaje Cinematográfico, Motion Graphics , Postproducción De Video, WordPress,