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Norwegian graphic artist, with inclination towards art direction, design and illustration.
  • Freelancer
    WBYM — Stavanger, Norway
  • Creative Director
    Phantomfilm — Stavanger, Norway
  • Co founder & Art Director
    Werksemd — Stavanger, Norway
  • Art Director
    Melvær & Lien — Stavanger, Norway
  • Graphic Designer
    Reload — Stavanger, Norway
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My work often persue abstract concepts, such as memory, imagination and perception, aiming to merge the mundane whith aesthetics and philosophy. Exploring variables and assemblies in various contexts, adding a refined and eclectic expression with a contemporary feel.
Graduated with a MA in visual communication in 2005, and have over the years gained experience from both advertising and independent art projects, and has received national and international awards for both commissioned and self-initiated projects.
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