Freelance Graphics Designer / Creative Director
We Are Covert Limited
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I'm a freelance graphics designer based in London, UK. Like all creatives I feel i have a long way to go in my journey to graphical bliss so welcome all chat, feedback and coffee.
  • Co-Founder
    We Are Covert
  • Creative Director
    Imaginative Cows — Canterbury, United Kingdom
  • Senior Graphics Designer / Motion Designer
    Imaginative Cows — United Kingdom
  • Middleweight Graphics Designer & Marketing
    Kent Union — Canterbury, United Kingdom
  • Entertainments Manager / Marketing & Graphics Production
    The Venue, Canterbury — United Kingdom
  • Freelance Graphics Design
    Freelance — Canterbury, United Kingdom
  • Graphics Designer
    Kent Union — Canterbury, United Kingdom
  • Junior Graphics Designer
    Moomoo Designs Ltd. — Sandwich, United Kingdom
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