Art Director - Graphic Design - Marketing - Content Producer
The Viper Room - West Hollywood, CA
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I strive to make everything I do "greater than the sum of it's parts". I don't stop when I'm off the clock and I don't stick with the status quo. There is always a way to improve, more research to be done and a new way to see.
  • Head of Marketing, Design, Operations
    The Viper Room — CA, USA
  • Freelance Art Director for Print & Digital Entertainment
    T.J.Roe — West Hollywood, CA, USA
  • Graphic Designer, Art Director
    Jewel Box Platinum — Marina del Rey, CA, USA
  • Art Director, Layout Editor, Graphic Designer
    High Voltage Magazine — West Hollywood, CA, USA
  • Art Director/Graphic Designer
    POV Entertainment Design — North Hollywood, CA, USA
  • Graphics BrandX with Russell Brand
    Dakota Films — Hollywood, CA, USA
  • Production Manager; Promoter; Graphic Designer
    Necropolis Group — Grand Island, NE, USA
  • Tour Manager; Graphic Designer, Talent
    KAV & The Blaggers — London, United Kingdom
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