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Ron Leary Illustration Studio

Freelance Illustrator and Fine art commissions
  • IIlustrations
    Upperdeck Entertainment — USA
  • Cover Illustrator
    Comicxposure — USA
  • Cover Illustrator
    Heavy Metal Magazine — USA
  • Concept art and Illustration
    Present Creative — CA, USA
  • Character Concept art
    Mane Entertainment — CA, USA
  • Cover Artist
    Darby Pop Publishing — CA, USA
  • Concept art, Character design and Illustration
    Hitpoint Inc. — MA, USA
  • Concept art, Illustration
    LEGO — Denmark
  • Special event sales, Krusty Bunker ;-D
    Neal Adams Continuity — NY, USA
  • Illustration, Storyboard, Concept art
    Anatomical Justice — NY, USA
  • Cover Artist
    Moonstone Books — USA
  • Illustrator, Cartoonist, comic art
    Nickelodeon Magazine — NY, USA
  • Senior Designer/ Illustrator
    Channing Bete Publishing — MA, USA
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Art directing
Character concept art
Cover and interior book illustration
Comic book coloring
Game art Illustration
Key art and visualization
Traditional art commissions
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