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I am a local web designer and front-end developer, who happens to also love arts. HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Ajax & JQuery are some of the languages that I am good at. Aside, from coding stuffs, I love designing and drawing as well. It would be my honor if you would take a look at my portfolio. Thanks!
  • Speed, Time and Distance Calculator
    SAF, Singapore Armed Force — Singapore
  • Sportball Website
    Sportball @ Singapore
  • Nutritional Body Building Website, Consultant
    Nutri Forefront
  • Event Organizer, Registration Form
  • Sportball Website, Registration Form
    Sportball @ Singapore
  • Real Estate Agent, Website
    Orange Tee, Daniel Chng
  • Branded Bags Website
    Lady Of Leisure
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PHP, HTML5 / CSS3, JQuery / Ajax, XML, MySQL, etc.
Web Designing, Web System Development, Consultant
Drawing, Photoshop, Vector graphics, Digital Arts, etc.
I'm currently working with a client, who requires some professional help in setting up and guiding them to create an e-commerce that only helps to generate high sale conversions, but also represents good branding and posh-style.
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