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Diane Thomson is a nationally renowned Canadian artist and humanitarian with over 25 years of experience across a multitude of mediums. With her entrepreneurial spirit Diane has successfully worked in almost every area possible within the dance realm. She has taken dance and bridged it with other industries, beco… Read More
Diane Thomson is a nationally renowned Canadian artist and humanitarian with over 25 years of experience across a multitude of mediums. With her entrepreneurial spirit Diane has successfully worked in almost every area possible within the dance realm. She has taken dance and bridged it with other industries, becoming a media pioneer. Diane enjoys designing and creating tangible items and setting the tone. She has participated in many commercial and fund raising events in a number of capacities. Some of her accomplishments include respected Nominations for Dance, Television and New Media. In addition to being a performer, Diane has been involved in Research, Creative Direction, Artistic Direction, Producing, Consulting, Lecturing as well as being a Spokesperson, Host and Emcee, Choreographer, Adjudicator, Model, Council Member, Educator and Fund Raiser and she holds upper level certifications in dance, voice, theater, broadcast television and business development.


Dorothy Cox Scruton Award - Royal Academy of Dance 2014 Recipient
'Crystal Award' - Creative Excellence - Women In Film & Television 2000 (nominee)
Governor General Award - 2010 Nominee
Rosedale Moore Park Community Association - 2012 Volunteer Recognition Award (Mayfair)
City of Toronto 2010/2011 - Volunteer Recognition Award
External Affairs International Trade Canada - 1993 Grant Recipient
Canada Council for the Arts 1986 - Grant Recipient

Diane's work has been featured on television specials including 'NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC- Miraculous Machines", C.B.C. - THE JOURNAL, C.B.C. - THE NATURE OF THINGS; CTV - B.N.N. (Business News Network) –‘The Bottom Line’; Fashion Television as well as in publications including industry journal, ‘Playback’ (Canada’s Entertainment Industry magazine), ‘The Globe and Mail’, ‘National Post, 'Creative Computing Magazine', ‘Science Magazine’, in addition to other periodicals and newspapers.

Researcher - Designer (Human Factors Specialist)
A Canadian Media Pioneer and early advocate for virtual reality, Diane is the first and professional dancer to successfully build a unique bridge between the art of movement/dance and 3D computer simulation technology. This interdisciplinary PhD. level work premiered at Digicon ’83 – using rear image projection, paralleled with dancers on stage and then at the international Siggraph conference. The graphics engine, developed from this work is known as ‘Virtually Human’ and is the first ‘high level’ coded (derived and written by Diane & her team) working human simulation engine developed from dance with applications to film, television, gaming, choreography, toys, forensics, bio-medical and robotics. With over 27 years of applied research Diane is considered by the industry to be an expert in human factors. With this work Diane has drawn alliances and partnerships with respected and award winning multinational Corporations and Governments. Her work has been featured at MacWorld, Siggraph, U.S. National Business Education Association Conference, U.S. Oregon Technology Access Program and is used in commercial projects from television - gaming - apps sold worldwide.

Creative consultant/Director/Producer/Designer

Diane has worked as Creative Director/Consultant, for multinational corporations on projects for the e-learning market both conventional and e-books, covering a multitude of genres. She participates in new projects/commercials for television and the web including apps and games, incorporating media convergence. Diane has served as an adviser to multinationals in the area of bi-pedal movement for the gaming industry. She has compiled and led creative teams, produced and supervised production of educational movies, games, apps. and books and created and produced Canada’s first virtual simulated television host, owned by the Business News Network (CTVbellmedia). In 2007 Diane worked closely with the late Rosemary Chisholm Feick (Posy) on the Creative Direction, production and compilation of her memoirs. Live Production credits include Founder/Artistic Director/Producer for the Main Stage for First Night – City of Vancouver, and the largest existing Dance Program – City of Toronto; All In The Dance. For over 20 years Diane has created beautiful themed decor for events or the home, as is part of the Designers At Large team.


Diane has lectured and given talks in the areas relating to Creative Direction, dance, human movement and technology both in Canada and abroad; including the Laban Centre for Movement Studies, London, England and the University of Ontario, (Game Development Program). At Simon Fraser University, Diane served as Associate Professor and represented Simon Fraser University to outside groups leading workshops in movement. Diane has taught ballet, jazz and musical theatre for Pacific Ballet Theatre School, Kirkwood Dance Academy, City of Vancouver and City of Toronto. Diane currently teaches ballet classes throughout the G.T.A.

Professional performer

Platforms for performance include Imax 3D, film, television and stage either in principal or supporting roles in the genres of ballet, opera, musical theatre, solo dance and concert settings. Please see full bio for more information.

With her beautiful soprano voice Diane has released 2 c.d.’s ‘A Walk of Faith’, and ‘The Faces of Love’.

Spokesperson, Host and Emcee:
Diane has represented numerous commercial companies and emceed events including; Rosedale Toronto Mayfair 2003 – present, KCTS – Seattle – Canadian Spokesperson. The 'Shopping Channel' (including Canadian Launches), Vancouver DuMaurier International Jazz Festival 1987 – 1997, Asia Pacific Festival. As an industry pioneer, Diane has chaired Industry Panels on Animation in Toronto for Women In Film, Television and New Media.

Include commercials - Cannon – Sure Shot Camera’s, L’Oreal - Toronto Fashion Week – Richard Tyler Shoe Launch 2007; film Class of ’69 – Directed by Sandy Wilson and Vancouver Opera – Peter Grimes – Director – Leon Majors, All In The Dance program - 2 shows per year and numerous fund raising events in Toronto.

With a love for fashion, Diane has modeled for Canadian designers Nygard – The Bay, Jan Stimpson, Mary Van Osh, Lucinda Jones and U.S. designer Richard Tyler.

Council Member
A 27 year member of her professional associations Diane has served on the advisory and councils of Canadian Actors Equity Association – Western Dance Advisory and A.C.T.R.A. – Dancer/Choreographers – B.C. in addition to the selection committee for the Sam Payne Awards (A.C.T.R.A.). An invited participant Diane takes part in Executive round table discussions on Innovation and Design with other industry leaders for the G.T.M.A. Diane is a member of W.I.F.T. (Women In Film Television New Media), G.T.M.A. (Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance), I.S.E.S. (International Special Event Society) and ACM Siggraph. In 2009 Diane spoke at the CRTC hearing held in Canada on behalf of broadcasters as a second geration media pioneer.

Fund Raising and Community Service
Deeply involved in her community, Diane has helped raise funds working in the capacity of Producer, Event Coordinator, Décor, Performer, Public Relations, Sponsorship and Silent Auction Sponsorship for many causes and functions including; Brazilian Ball – Peter Munk Foundation, Look Good, Feel Good Ball – Canadian Cancer Society, Victim Services of Toronto, Breast Friends Forever – Breast Cancer, Lung Association, Scarlet Ball – West Park Healthcare Centre, Fandango – Bridgepoint Heath, DAREarts Foundation (steering committee 2007), Equity Fights Aids, Casey House, Snowball and Back To Bemelmans, Holly Berry Fair – Rosedale United Church (steering committee), CCAVE (Creative Director) and Mayfair Rosedale (steering committee).

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