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I don't like the term "to think outside the box" because it implies you're already stuck in one. I don't want to think outside the box - I want to be the one who builds the boxes others want to get stuck in. I want to be a box builder.
  • Owner
    Damian VanCamp Photography & Design — New York, NY, USA
  • Lighting Designer
    Tillett Lighting Design Associates — NY, USA
  • Image Licensing
    National Hockey League — New York, NY, USA
  • Event Photographer
    Agora Gallery — New York, NY, USA
  • Freelance Photo Retoucher
    Todd Oldham Studio — New York, NY, USA
  • Art Handler, Freelance Digital Retoucher
    Finch & Ada Gallery — New York, NY, USA
  • Assistant
    Roger Cabello Photography/Studio 652 — New York, NY, USA
  • Assistant
    Mary Boone Gallery — New York, NY, USA
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