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I’m a passionate Designer, an unimpeachable Developer and an unstoppable Dreamer. I’m always looking for the good side of life, I love to learn new things and if you want to make me happy, create a challenge for me
  • Front-end Developer and Co-Founder
    Maya IDA — Rome, Italy
  • COO and Co-Founder
    Greening Your City — Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Front-end and Beck-end developer
    Barilla Spa — Parma, Italy
  • Front-end and Back-end Developer at Stay for the Planet
    Lifegate Spa — Milan, Italy
  • Senior Web Developer and Graphic Designer
    Clan Group — Rome, Italy
  • Web Designer
    MediaDab Sas — Rome, Italy
  • Art Teacher
    High School Stendhal — Rome, Italy
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“I love what I do, not what I’ve done!”
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