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a pixel freak.. I'm a web designer wanna be, who decent in design composition, only good enough in writing CSS but can't do any programming or java script.
  • Graphic Designer - UX Specialist
    701Search — Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Creative Graphic Designer / Founder
    Opaque Graphic Studio - Professional Freelancer — Indonesia
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on the past, I'm doing wide range of graphic design stuff, advertising's atl/btl, some digital painting and digital coloring, a bit hobby in photography, managing my freelance team mates, desktop publishing stuff like book designs, newspaper/magazines layout, et cetera.
I'm focusing a lot on designing User Experience, thinking it's user interaction flow, developing user interface design (buttons, icons, padding, margins, pixels..) for our desktop & mobile applications also doing user testing interview to understand more how's our user's psychology & behaviours.
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