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Results oriented Advertising professional with record of being for more than 18 years creative director, copywriter, art director, web designer and design team leader for high profile advertising companies in Costa Rica and foreign based companies.
  • Digital Art Director - Graphic and Web Design Consultant
    Arcus — Costa Rica
  • Senior Graphic and Web Designer
    AvVenta Worldwide — Heredia, Costa Rica
  • Usability Specialist
    Avantica Technologies — Los Yoses, Costa Rica
  • Digital Art Director - Lead UI / UX Specialist
    Cecropia Solutions — Costa Rica
  • Art Director - Lead Graphic Designer
    Pfizer — IL, USA
  • Graphic Designer / Pubs developer
    Hewlett-Packard — Heredia, Costa Rica
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Background includes more than 18 years working as design and advertising professor as well as co producer of music for some advertisers. Also, I've been working in three books, one of cooking, other of poertry and the last one for creativity in advertising.
Well, my hobbies are to play guitar and piano, drawing, sculpture, write... go to museums and sometimes to play as a mechanic with my car.
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