Yılmaz SATTI

UI / UX Designer // Entrepreneur

Istanbul, Turkey
With over 13 years UX / UI Design experience, I worked in more than
580 projects. I had the chance to work for valuable brands and companies. I have been taking part in projects that require NDA's for agencies

Work Experience


San Francisco

January 2014 - Present San Francisco, California, United States

Myboost Boostcoin

Vp of Products - ui ux designer

Boostcoin (BOST) was created on 15/05/2014 with the PoW / PoS X13 algorithm. The true value in BoostCoin is actually different; the first is the X13 PoW + PoS hybrid. The X13 algorithm is based on the X11 algorithm, but contains two more hash functions to make it even more secure. Boostcoin has been one of the top 50 players in CoinMarketCap without any team work. The first goal of BoostCoin, which was reviewed by an active and professional team, is to enter the top 20 in CoinMarketCap.
January 2017 - London, United Kingdom


Turkish (Advanced),
English (Conversational),


App Designer, UI Designer, Web Designer,