Tom Maher

Graphic Design / Video Production

Warren, MI, USA
Art, Design, Photography, Video Production, Motion graphics.

Work Experience


Senior Video Editor

June 2011 - Present Troy, Michigan, United States

East Coast Christian Center

Lead Graphics / Video Production

East Coast Christian Center is one of the largest churches in the Space Coast region of Florida. I am currently the Lead Graphic Designer and full-time Videographer. My current duties include: Designing graphics for weekend services, special events, and graphics for print media and publications produced by the church. I am also the videographer, editor, director, and motion graphics creator. I film, edit, color-correct, and add typography and motion graphics to videos on a weekly basis. I am usually given a week's notice of videos that need to be made, and I am able to finish them within three to four days. It is a fast-paced environment and strict deadlines are enforced. An average work week consists of at least 3 videos to complete from beginning to end. My job calls for me to be creative 24/7 and be able to figure out how to achieve a particular look in both graphics and video.
April 2008 - May 2011 Merritt Island, Florida, United States

Accent Electric

Electrical Assistant

I worked as an electrician for 4 years. It was a great job with wonderful benefits. I learned many mechanical skills that I have been able to use for my creative work. Electrical work has come in handy for my current videographer position because I have used the skills I acquired to engineer creative ways to light subjects and sets.
June 2004 - April 2008 Cocoa, Florida, United States


Marketing Team & Retail

Within the four years of my employment at Sears, I had the benefit of working in several different departments. My first position was in the Installed Carpet & Area Rugs Department. I also held retail positions in the Paint and Home Fashions Department. From there, I was promoted to the In-store Marketing Team. We were responsible for printing the sale signs and setting up the store to represent the weekly advertisement. We would also set up displays for special promotion items and vendor specific products. We often re-modeled 75% of all the departments in the store for new merchandise and built new displays. We reset the department according to the corporate plans. Some technical knowledge and mechanical skills were required depending on the task. This position prepared me and equipped me for working in both marketing and design.
September 2000 - June 2004 Merritt island, Florida, United States


Brevard Community College

Associates Degree

While at Brevard Community College, I took many classes for their Digital Media program. The classes prepared me for using programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. My grade point average throughout my time there was a 3.8.
September 2001 - May 2004 Cocoa, Florida, United States


Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Android, Apple Color, Apple Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Illustrator, IWork, Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore, Adobe Premiere Pro , Adobe Suite, Cinema Tools, Final Cut Pro, MS Suite, Os X, Windows,

Additional Information

Check out my Reel at my Vimeo Page:

I've been a photographer for several years and have been expanding my interest using any equipment I can to explore my interest in creative media. I have used it to make many time lapses as well as for artistic photography. I am looking forward to continuing my creative work with this camera.

One of my hidden talents is painting. For the past four years, I have been involved in painting canvases and set designs for my church. My paintings have been used as backdrops in videos, church services, and I have also painted live during worship services. The church even opened one of their venues to me as a gallery, where I am able to display and sell my art. It is because of my art that the church hired me as their lead graphic designer when the position became available.

I am a firm believer in the "Do It Yourself" method. I prefer to design my own materials rather than spend money on something that may possibly be overpriced. I take pride in figuring out and building things for myself such as camera lenses, canvases, lights, camera support materials, and several props and sets for videos and photo shoots.