Isaac Zamora i Sitjà

Senior Designer at Indies JC

Hiratsuka, Japan
The following work experience is only in Japan. For further information, please ask.

Work Experience

Indies JC

Senior Designer

Company description
Darts and sports material manufacturer, Saitama. Japan.
Job description
Senior designer, full-time.
For L-style division. Creating promotion material, packaging, branding, advertising strategies, illustrations, players custom flights, uniforms, event materials, banners, posters, stages, booth materials, POP, GMS Marqueting materials, B2B projects, etc.
Some samples are the “Darts Corner” located in stores like Don Quijote or Amusement Bars.
GAGANA ramen restaurant division. Branding image, menus, sign materials, flyers, staff uniforms, promotion materials, etc.
Natural Nine division. Branding images, interior decoration assistance, promotion materials, magazine ads, staff uniforms, shop signs, etc.
Since I joined Indies JC, I created from scratch many product branding, packaging, promotion materials, illustrations.
As a small company our design team interacts with clients and costumers, not only nationwide but
also Europe, Asia Pacific and USA and Canada.
Working at Indies-JC gives you knowlegde not only of darts business, but all the entourage of this sport, bars, events, restaurants, etc.
And as an international company it gives you different points of views from clients and costumers.
November 2012 - Saitama, Japan

Stellar Debris

Senior Designer

Company description
Creative studio in Hadano, Kanagawa. Japan.
Job description
Senior designer, full-time.
As a only 3 people new born company, I had many projects to manage from scratch to the final result. From UI, UX and B2B projects to online campaigns.
Working at Stellar Debris was a lot of fun, our main customer was a Software Company in Reno, Nevada, USA.
They gave us freedom to create anything we liked. We managed to create promotion campaigns using Flash animation, online games, and videos. Banners, porters, logos, websites, T-shirts, calendars, and many more.
In Stellar Debris we worked schedules with marketing teams in USA form Japan, at the same time we created materials for Japan-based American companies, like TAC (Tokyo American Club).
2007 - 2012 Japan

My Print


Company description
MyPrint is Japan’s largest “nengajou” printing company, based in Tama and Shibuya, Japan. Paper Concierge is the division of Paper Items for Wedding. This division has the design studio and a show-room in Shibuya.
Job description
Senior designer, full-time.
I was in charge of creating new collections of wedding materials, with me the company start having its own design team as before they were usign external studios and designers.
I also created promotion materials fot GMS and trade shows, and website interfaces.
Working for MyPrint was my first experience in a Japanese company.
I had a period of training starting in the factory to learn the production process since the very beginning. The time I joined the company was a period of many internal and structural changes,
like creating a design team, opening a show-room or introducing employees ID (which I designed).
It was a nice experience and I had the opportunity of visiting many trade shows, wedding houses,
and hotels. I learned very much about weddings in Japan.
Having the show room in the same space that the design office gave us “first hand” UX and feed backs.
2005 - 2007 Japan

Exit Advisors

Art Director

Company description
Exit advisors was a small, but very well connected, advertising agency in Barcelona, Catalonia (EU).
Job description
Senior Designer / Art Director, full-time.
I joined the agency as senior designer but soon I was promoted to Art Director.
Exit adivisors was specialized in real state agencies, so we created many B2B materials, wedsites, billboards, GMS marqueting strategies, and POP materials.
We also worked for the Government of Andorra, Puig Perfurms (the company that creates fragrances for Prada, Comme de Garçons and Carolina Hererra NY).
Working as Art director for Exit gave me the opportunity to learn how to manage teams,
that are located in different countries at the same time, like the small country of Andorra or the big city of New York.
I also created a team of international designers, from Denmark, Catalonia, and Brazil.
Our team worked in many websites but the most relevant was Carolina Hererra NY.
But we also created promotion videos and training software with members of the Polytechnic University of Barcelona.
2002 - 2004 Barcelona, Spain


University Of Central Lancashire

BA ( Hons ) Graphic Design

What started as a Erasmus became my Alma Mater.
September 1991 - July 1993 Preston, United Kingdom

Universitat De Barcelona

BA ( Hons ) Fine Arts

September 1987 - July 1992 Barcelona, Spain


Catalan (Native),
Spanish (Native),
English (Fluent),
French (Advanced),
Japanese (Conversational),
Italian (Beginner),


American Advertising Federation (AAF) - ADDY Awards

Silver Addy



Adobe Ilustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Freehand Drawing, Oil Painting,