Valentina Diotallevi

Rome, Italy

Work Experience

Board Of European Students Of Technology

Graphic Design Trainer

In May 2012, the Local BEST Group of Maribor organized a two-weeks course on graphic design: Graphic Design Camp. The 16 participants were chosen between more than 100 applicants from all over Europe, and I delivered there training sessions on:

- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator - Basics
- Typography
- Design Guidelines

Since the participants came from all over Europe, all of the sessions were delivered in english.
April 2012 - May 2012 Maribor, Slovenia

Board Of European Students Of Technology

Graphic Designer and Trainer

My studies in the architectural field and my work as Marketing Responsible and Graphical Trainer on an international level in the association (BEST), led me to improve my graphical skills. Trainers, in the organization, take care of the internal education of the active members, operating in an international context by delivering trainings in different countries with international audience. I'm currently taking care of the Graphical trainings, and the ones related to Visual Identity and Presentation Skills.
March 2012 - Italy


Vice President for PR & Marketing

The PR advisor is taking care of:

- everything concerning the live and virtual (website and social media) promotion of the association
- planning annual marketing and PR strategies
- preparing all the graphical materials needed to contact companies, universities, media and students, in order to improve the association
- preparing the graphical materials to promote the events organized by the association
- delivering graphic design and PR based trainings
- Public Relations and contacts with local, national and european media
May 2011 - May 2012 Rome, Italy


Sapienza Università Di Roma

Architettura U.E.

Rome, Italy


Italian (Native),
English (Fluent),
French (Advanced),
Spanish (Conversational),
Turkish (Beginner),


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk AutoCAD, Google Sketchup Pro, Presentation Skills, Public Relations, Rhinoceros 4.0, Social Media Marketing, Team Leadership, Typography, Virtual Teamwork,

Trainings attended

During my work in Board of European Students' association, I improved my soft skills by receiving training on:

- leadership, communication in leadership
- planning and evaluation
- presentation skills
- conflict solving
- knowledge transfer
- branding, copywriting, data visualisation, design guidelines, public relations, social media