Tim Smith

St. Petersburg, FL, USA
Standing on the foundation of imagination, craftsmanship, passion, and servant-hood, I want to serve the creative needs of others, not because it puts food on my table, but because I enjoy being creative and want to produce a well-crafted product.I have studied print, photography, motion, video, 3D, and web design. Having such a broad knowledge allows for the perfect mixture for every creative solution.Branding and packaging are my current focus, but I am passionately intrigued by every aspect of design. Branding allows me to tell the story of an entity and designing brand assets allows me to use different types of media to convey their message. I strive to utilize every medium available to tell your story and reinforce your brand, product, or message.I look forward to working with like-minded and passionate individuals.I deliver well-crafted design by employing my broad skill set along side craft, imagination, and storytelling.

Work Experience

Relevant 24

Associate Content Producer

October 2012 - Present Boston, Massachusetts, United States

The Crawford Group

Motion Graphics

January 2012 - Florida, United States

Behance, Inc.

Student Ambassador

-1 of 16 worldwide
-Responsible for increasing Behance and Studentshow brand awareness and encouraging
fellow creatives to sign up.
Orlando, Florida, United States


Branding, CSS, HTML, Motion Graphics, Packaging, Web Design, Handcrafts,