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SEO Expert/Marker, and Pohotshop enthusiast.

Hove, United Kingdom
Attention to detail is what separates my work to many in the same field. I enjoy the finished product and the appreciation from viewers, followers and users that comes with it.
I've been working online actively since the late noughties and with it, I've accrued a lot of knowledge and also watched the evolution of the internet from when Google was just a simple directory and algorithms were something unheard of.
Now of course, the search engines and complex and with machine learning and AI doing most of the work, its vital to have an understanding of the mechanisms to be able to have a better chance for marketing purposes online.


Krio (Fluent),
English (Fluent),
Spanish (Conversational),


Article Writing, Copywriting, Illustrator, Marketing, Outreach, Photoshop, SEO, Web Design, WordPress,