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CebuARTSdistrict – creativity, design & passion inspired
TASTE.Cebu – experience island flavors

The CebuARTSdistrict and taste.CEBU are initiatives in co-realization with a number of arts & creatives organizations and institutes in Cebu, Philippines.
We will continue to bring along the creative Cebuano and … Read More
CebuARTSdistrict – creativity, design & passion inspired
TASTE.Cebu – experience island flavors

The CebuARTSdistrict and taste.CEBU are initiatives in co-realization with a number of arts & creatives organizations and institutes in Cebu, Philippines.
We will continue to bring along the creative Cebuano and create potentials for them to realize being part of the global art stage. We do that through the activities and the yearly biennale of taste.CEBU which over time will be taken up by the local organizations and groups in Cebu.

The end-result – Sugbo Creative Village – will be a creatives public space dedicated to the arts, design, architecture, fashion, culture, leisure, wining, dining and shopping.
An innovative neighbourhood destination for the Cebuano, Visayan, Filipino and international tourist and arts enthusiasts, where artists, public and businesses meet.
It will also house the creatives entrepreneurs & business centre, green belt & waterfront for leisure, entertainment, events, shopping, pop-up arts & bazaars, art education and creativity workshops, and in- and outdoor venue with performing theatres, convention centre and exhibit halls, event rooms and a dedicated resident artist space.

The CebuARTSdistrict is an idea which is under development. Based on a couple of driving people involved with ecoART Exhibit (Let's Do It Philippines and ecoNOVATE) who identified the need for hosting, promoting and guiding the artists and the creativity sector in Cebu, together with public and business engagement and interaction. An identified need for structure and a public space where all forms of art and creativity can thrive together with the realization of a neutral organization covering the multitude of art disciplines in Cebu and the Visayas, enabling a platform for staging the Cebuano creativity on the world stage of the arts.
To realize these goals the CebuARTSdistrict and ARTconnectsLIFE have undertaken the building and maintenance of the “CEBU Roadmap for the Arts & Creatives”, including a secure dBase of +30,000 contacts, venues and organizations engaged in the art & culture in Cebu:
• Academia
• Musea & galleries
• Venues for taste.CEBU
• Resorts & hotels
• Leisure & parks
• Gastronomy, food & tours
• Festivals & fairs
• Center & strip malls
• Leisure & entertainment parks

The concept was initiated and presented at the Dream Expo Cebu - September 2014 (WEF – Global Shapers & RAFI – Aboitiz Foundation) and was amongst the 3 winners in the contest organized by The Dream Project Philippines.

The public will be involved through direct engagement in the activities and the center, while the idea grows to have project development around the center (forming the CebuARTSdistrict) with semi-commercial areas, green recreation, cultural activities, animation and entertainment, closing the circle with housing projects for people with a heart for culture, arts and creativity.

Academia will be involved at various stages of the design, development, operations and activities.

The public sector will be involved through existing channels. We are in contact with local, regional, national and international platforms to make the links successful for set up and operations.

The private sector will be involved in various stages of the project development, activities of the Center as well as event management opportunities, promotion of the creativity sector and sponsorship, including CSR opportunities.

The artists and creative people (all ages and walks of life) will be actively involved in development, operations, living opportunities, promotion, exhibit and performance of their art through the various activities, services and promotion of the center.

Artist will have the potential to teach and/or animate/introduce children, teenagers, and adults in the different art disciplines, promoting art and culture as part of our lives.

Through we will also develop the entrepreneurial platform, promotion and guidance for artist to go from surviving to thriving as ARTpreneurs.

On a permanent basis, the collective group of the CebuARTSdistrict, screens, monitors and maintains the ‘Cebu Roadmap for the Arts & Creatives’, engaging artists, companies, groups, projects and other initiatives which/whom will be involved in the development of the different stages of the CebuARTSdistrict, as well as the location for the nesting of the CebuARTSdistrict and its core of the Sugbo Creative Village. The location will entertain old and new on a large scale platform, including waterfront development and lots of green recreation areas.

Currently the modus operandi is at a stage of identifying the people and organizations to be involved and committed in bringing the dream from concept to realization.

We will reveal more details as we bring this project to motion.
In the meantime, the core group has engaged in the regular happenings, fiestas, galas, proms, jamborees, fieras & fêtes and the yearly biennale festival of taste.CEBU.
Part of the organization is taking the concept further on an international basis with ARTconnectsLIFE, ARTronomy and the community of @ARTpreneurs, to promote the Cebuano culture, art and creativity nationally and internationally, realizing recognition of the Cebu creativity sector at the world stage of the arts.

Whether you are an art lover, enthusiast or having an interest the creativity of the Cebuano, join this community and get to know what is brewing in Cebu, the Queen Capital of the South expresses its creativity across borders.

For more info on the progress of the CebuARTSdistrict, feel free to contact us or follow the realization of the initiatives at the FB group of @ARTpreneurs or the local organizations involved .

Other Cebu-based creativity projects:
• KWiKworx – craft innovative ideas
• Young Thespians of Cebu – Let's make theatre more vibrant in Cebu!
• Trio E’s Diseños Inc. – nature inspired furniture & interior designs
• Bisai Art – discover Visayan creativity
• Contempo Art Gallery – contemporary fine art by Filipino painters
• 88° Coffee Shop – a blend of coffee and art
• District 53rd – food, wine, art & leisure foodhall
• F.o.J band | Violet Lee Hyun – vibrant passions entertained!
• Music in Motion
+ various lectures on environment, creativity & arts, entrepreneurship, new socio-economic models for Cebu Normal University, University of San Carlos, University of the Visayas, MCDCB

Co-creation and realization by:
ARTconnectsLIFE – art connects people, creativity connects life!
ecoNOVATE – community driven innovation
ViVaTicA – ideas for life! soul of life!

an ecoNVERGE initiative
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