Thomas Cosby Jr

Artist Using Traditional and Digital Techniques, Illustrator

Bedford, IN, USA

Work Experience

Ms. Burton


I was hired to create a logo project for a pizzeria business based from a photo of a employee wearing a t-shirt (dated from the 1970's). She was impress with the work and I did another project for her as well for a youth baseball team mascot/logo. Work created in Adobe CS4 Illustrator.
May 2012 - May 2012 United States



I created two caricatures of the author/owner for use in his newsletter (digital and print), and possibly on his website. The illustrations were created in Adobe CS4 Illustrator.
May 2012 - May 2012 United States

Vincennes University

University Criminalistics Book

This project was for a total of eight technical drawings with captions created in Adobe Illustrator. The images span a total of four pages with the captions, and five additional pages as test/review pages (re-sized images without captions).

The images are comprised of a semi-automatic handgun, revolver, rifle, pump/slide action, semi-automatic shotgun, components of a bullet, and a front and back view of a Canon SLR camera.

The book is a Law Enforcement Criminalistics university course book available starting in Fall 2010 for students.
February 2010 - March 2010 Vincennes, Indiana, VU Campus

Christina Deckard

Preschool Mural

I painted a large mural that covered three of the four walls in the activity room of a small preschool. The various images included a giraffe, two elephants, a zebra, a lion, two monkeys, and various plants, trees, and water.
February 2010 - February 2010 Bloomington, Indiana, United States

Red Skelton Performing Arts Center

Theater Backdrop Painter

I was employed as a painter for the theater play of "Charlie's Aunt". The large backdrop was used in act II of the play.

The image consisted of a large yard with a border of various trees and a cloudy sky. The painting was created by me using acrylic paint and measured in at forty feet wide and seventeen feet tall.
January 2010 - February 2010 Vincennes, Indiana, United States


Vincennes University

A.S. Illustration/Graphic Design (uncredited)

I took many additional classes not required to help further develop my skills. Since my degree switch to Graphic Design my GPA has been 4.0 each semester. This put me on the Deans List/Honor Roll from Fall 2009 to Fall 2010. My published work appears in the Tecumseh Review and a Law Enforcement Criminalistics course book at the Vincennes University.

I did not complete the degree, even though I completed 76 credit hours. The expense became too much for a degree that would not translate to work in my hometown. Any work that requires a degree required a B.S. which could not be obtained at that university.

Here is a list of classes that directly relate to my work as an illustrator.

Drawing I, Introduction to Illustration, Visual Design, Computer Illustration (Adobe Illustrator), Computer Aided Publishing (Adobe InDesign), Computer Aided Publishing Laboratory (Adobe InDesign), Painting I (Oil Painting), Illustration, Graphic Design I, Typography, Computer Imaging (Adobe Photoshop), Introduction to Web Graphics and Tools (Adobe Dreamweaver), Graphic Design II, Advanced Illustration, Advanced Digital Imaging (Adobe Photoshop)
August 2007 - September 2010 Vincennes, Indiana, United States


Acrylic Painting, Adobe Acrobat CS4, ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS4 , Adobe Photoshop CS4, Caricature Drawing, Cartooning , Colored Pencils, Illustration, Markers, Mixed Media, Oil Painting, Pen And Ink, Typography, Watercolor Painting,